Saturday, July 30, 2011

Java SE 7 A Triumph For Oracle

Now that Java SE 7 finally hit GA (general availability), marking the first major Java SE release since the release of Java SE 6 back in 2006. Java 7 a triumph for Oracle!

Java SE 7 has a lot of awesome features. Please see my other post a video discussing Java 7.

"Oracle isn't perfect, but they've pushed out a release that Sun could not. Oracle has also done this release with a strong focus on open, via the OpenJDK".

Continue and read the full story here. =)

And Java SE 8 is just around the corner, in addition please read my other blog entry about "Code Generation Strategy for Lambda".


The Java 7 GA release as you may already know contains 3 HotSpot JVM bugs:
I have heard and read so much about this news so I posted it here. What is this now?

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