Sunday, May 15, 2011

James Gosling Unloads on Users of Java 1.4.2

In the audio clip and commentary taken from Gosling keynote address at TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011 Event, he describes a particular version of Java as the bane of his existence for years. Recent poll about Java version usage shows that 5% users is using Java 1.4.2 on their development work and 8% were still targeting JDK 1.4.2 for deployment.

"It always depressed me just how many people were stuck running 1.4.2. If I could have I would have pushed an update out that would have caused it to just die. But so many people would just not let go of 1.4.2."

"Get with the program. UPGRADE!"

-James Gosling
"The Father of Java"
TSS JS 2011

Yes, indeed. Upgrade your versions of Java to version 5 or version 7 and stop using that version 1.4.2! Read the full article and check out the audio clip at

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