Monday, November 29, 2010

Swing And WinForms

On the Java side there's a package called javax.swing which provides a set of "lightweight" Swing components while on the the .NET side there's a namespace called System.Windows.Forms that contains a set of non-web classes for creating Windows based user interfaces and of course WinForms runs only on Windows platforms.

Comparing Swing with WinForms, of course depends 99.99% on who you ask. Ask a Java developer, and WinForms sucks! Ask a .NET developer, Swing sucks! Swing rules for Java developers and WinForms for .NET developers (for obvious reason). There is no debate! :)

I found this old article: Why don't you ship Swing apps?

Time and time I hear that Swing based applications are slow and there's no good Swing apps. (NetBeans IDE 6.9 is still slow compare to Visual Studio 2010 on my dual-core atom netbook) performance wise.

Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Studio
NetBeans IDE 6.9

I can say that I like both Swing and WinForms. They have their pros and cons. However, for me Swing based application looks beautifully compare to WinForms applications. There are lots of pluggable Swing Look&Feel out there to make that lightweight components outstanding looks! Is there any pluggable Look&Feel for .NET WinForms? Tell me. =)

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